5/20/23 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. Spring Clean-up

Town of Poygan

Saturday, May 20, 2023

9 a.m.- 1p.m.

8693 Town Hall Rd

Spring Clean -Up is for Items that are larger than 4 ft in any dimension, and/or heavier than 40 lbs., and/or otherwise will not fit within an empty cart, thus too large or too bulky to be collected at home. Please note the Town of Poygan and GFL have the right to refuse any item. Second Bulk Clean-Up date in  2023 will be planned in the Fall.


Bulk Items included, but not limited to: 

Furniture (indoor or outdoor) 

Rolled Carpeting 


Cabinets and/or countertops 

Mattresses/bed springs 

Construction Material 

Swing sets 

Plastic swimming pools 

Large toys 


Fish Aquariums 


Excluded items: 

Electronic waste (TVs, DVD players, Computers/Computer equipment, etc.) 

No concrete brick or black soil 

Appliances-all including microwaves dehumidifiers etc. 


Any other items banned by WIDNR for landfill disposal – yard waste- hazardous chemicals etc.


Household Hazardous materials

                    Please visit www.WinnebagoCountySolidWaste.com or call 920-232-1856 for accepted materials and dates through October to drop off at 105 W.County Rd Y, Oshkosh.

Municipal Clerk Position

Position Objectives:

The Town of Poygan, Winnebago County, Wisconsin is accepting resumes to fill the position of Town Clerk. 

Duties and Responsibilities:

The Clerk is responsible for administering elections, assisting the public, all licenses or permits required by state law or local ordinance, posting agendas for all board and committee meetings, attending and preparing minutes of all meetings of the Town Board. The Clerk has accounting responsibilities such as preparing accounts payable, payroll, and overseeing the annual municipal budget. The Clerk also performs other duties as assigned, including customer service.

Minimum Requirements:

Successful candidates should possess prior experience in an office setting, work experience in a municipal clerk’s office or other municipal experience as well as accounting\bookkeeping skills will be beneficial. The ability to be bonded as a clerk is required.

Preferred Requirements:

Proficient in Microsoft Office Applications

Proficient in QuickBooks accounting software.

Experience in running elections a plus.


This is a part-time salaried position.

How to Apply:

Resumes should be e-mailed to [email protected]  with subject line: Town Clerk Recruitment

Resumes may also be placed in sealed envelope and mailed or hand-delivered to:

            Town Clerk Recruitment

            c/o Susan Schwartz, Deputy Clerk

            6252 Cartwright Road

            Winneconne, WI 54986

Open until filled.

The first review of applications will be on February 15, 2023.


 Please contact Marty Johnson, Chairman at 920-410-6756 or Susan Schwartz, Deputy Clerk at 920-420-2670.


With sadness, the Town of Poygan has lost a dear friend and colleague.

Julia “Julie” N. Reinert

01/26/1945 – 01/18/2023

 Julia “Julie” N. Reinert, age 77, of the Town of Poygan, died peacefully Wednesday, January 18, 2023, at home. She was born on January 26, 1945, to the late Ben and Eleanor Mueller. On July 16, 1966, Julie married Jim Reinert. In 1969 Jim and Julie bought the Reinert farm, dairy farming until 2008 and cash cropping since then. In 2011 the Reinert Farm was named a Century Farm.

In 1993 Julie was elected the Town of Poygan Clerk, serving in that office for 30 dedicated years. Julie enjoyed traveling the state, along with friends Marianne Zarling and Marge Longworth, watching and dancing to The Del Rays and Remington’s Ride.   

Julie is survived by brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law, Charles and Louise Reinert, William and Arlene Reinert, Robert and Cec Reinert, Elaine Reinert, and Nell Reinert; many nieces and nephews; and fur friends, Harley, Lucy, Jo, and Gidget.

Along with her parents, Julie was also preceded in death by her husband of 55 years, Jim Reinert; a brother, Robert Mueller; sisters-in-law, Ruth, Judy, Beverly, and Marion; brothers-in-law, Fritz, Rex, Kenneth, John, and Harold; a niece, Holly Reinert; and nephews, Larry “Skeeter” Degner, Steve Hare.

A visitation for family and friends will be on Saturday, January 28, 2023, from 2:00 to 3:00 p.m. at Mueller Funeral Home 904 E. Main St. Winneconne. A funeral service will be held on Saturday at 3:00 p.m. at the funeral home. A luncheon will follow. Julie loved wearing “bling” clothing, so you are encouraged to wear the same in her honor. Interment will be at a later date in the Oak Hill Cemetery, Poygan.

Jeff Mueller would like to thank the caregivers that helped with Julie: Marianne Zarling, Maleaha Buhrow, the Cornerstone Caregiving staff, and the ThedaCare at Home Hospice staff, for the care and concern given to her.

A memorial in Julie’s name will be established for the OccuPaws Guide Dog Association.


November 8, 2022 Referendum information


Town of Poygan has two referendums on the November 8th General Election.
The Town Board would like their residents to be aware of the referendum and
have an opportunity to ask questions. The questions will be printed as follows
on the ballot:

“Shall the person holding the office of town clerk in the
Town of Poygan be appointed by the Board?” Yes or No

“Shall the person holding the office of town treasurer in the
Town of Poygan be appointed by the Board?” Yes or No


Pros for appointed positions:

The ability to set specific requirements for the positions.
Appointment is based on qualifications.
Applicants do not have to be from the Township.
More opportunity for more potential candidates.
Terms determined by Town Board.

Pros for Elected positions:

Applicants are from the Township, a neighbor.
More community support.
Term limits are two years through Election process.
Answerable to the electorate.

ANY QUESTIONS, please contact Marty Johnson, Town of Poygan Chairman at 920-410-6756.

ATV Ordinance

Ordinance #5162018

Amended 6/16/2021
All-Terrain/Utility Terrain Vehicles and Routes
Town of Poygan, Winnebago County, Wisconsin


Section I – Intent

The Town of Poygan, Winnebago County adopts the following all-terrain vehicle (ATV) and Utility Terrain Vehicle (UTV) Route Ordinance upon the roadways listed herein.

Following due consideration of the recreational value to connect trail opportunities and weighed against possible dangers, public health, liability aspects, terrain involved, traffic density and automobile traffic volume, this route has been created.


Section II – Statutory Authority

This route is created pursuant to Township authority as authorized by 23.33 (8) (b), Wis. Stats.  The applicable provisions of 23.33 regulating ATV/UTV operations pursuant to routes are adopted.


Section III – Routes 

  • The Town of Poygan reserves the right to close or modify routes at any time.  
  • The Town of Poygan, or its designee, shall maintain all route signs within the township.  
  • All ATV/UTV routes shall be signed in accordance with NR 64.12, and NR 64.12(7).  If a route is not signed it is not open for use. 
  • ROUTES DESIGNATED.  The following roads are designated ATV/UTV Routes in the Town of Poygan: 
  • Lake Poygan Road from CTH B to Jacquis Road
      1. Jacquis road from Lake Poygan Road to Quigley Road
  • Quigley Road from County Road B to Town of Winneconne town line
  • Church Road from Jacquis Road to County Road D
  • Haase from 37th Avenue to Eureka Road
      1. Lee Road from Jacquis Road to Rushford Avenue
  • Rushford Avenue from Lee Road to Oak Hill Road
  • Oak Hill Road from Rushford Avenue to Eureka Road
  • Eureka Road from Haase Road to Town of Rushford town line
  • 37th Avenue
  • Welsch Road from CTH B to Town of Poy Sippi town line.
      1. Highway B from Quigley Road to the Winneconne town line
  • SPECIAL CONDITION FOR TOWN RESIDENTS.  Town of Poygan residents may use town roads that are not designated as part of the ATV route to access the route provided that residents use the most direct path.  Non-residents may not use any Town Road that is not designated as an ATV route for any reason.
  1. The Town clerk of the Town of Poygan shall maintain a Route map.


Section IV – Conditions

  1. All ATV/UTV operators shall wear eye protection.
  2. All UTV operators and passengers shall wear a seat belt.
  3. All ATV/UTV operators on routes shall observe posted roadway speed limits but shall not exceed 35 mph regardless whether a higher speed limit is posted.
  4. All ATV operators shall ride single file.
  5. No ATV may be operated on any designated route between the hours of 10:00 P.M. to 6:00 A.M. daily.
  6. No person may operate an ATV on any designated route, without a valid driver’s license.
  7. No person under the age of eighteen (18) may operate an ATV on any designated route unless wearing approved protective head gear.
  8. No ATV may be operated on any designated route which ATV does not meet all applicable Federal noise and air pollution standards.
  9. Operators of ATV/UTV shall observe all laws of this state pertaining to the use of an ATV/UTV.  


Section V – Enforcement

The town board authorizes the Winnebago County Sheriff to enforce this ordinance as well as any other law enforcement officer authorized to enforce the laws of the state of Wisconsin.  This ordinance may be enforced by any town board member or a designee of the town.


Section VI – Penalties

Wisconsin state All-Terrain Vehicle penalties as found in s. 23.33 (13) (a) Wis. Stats., are adopted by reference.  Except for S. 23.33(am) to (e) a person who violates this ordinance shall forfeit not more than $250.00 and not less than $50.00


Section VII – Severability

The provision of this ordinance shall be deemed severable and it is expressly declared that the Town of Poygan would have passed the other provisions of this ordinance irrespective of whether or not one or more provisions may be declared invalid. If any provision of this ordinance or the application to any person or circumstances is held invalid, the remainder of the ordinance and the application of such provisions to other persons or circumstances shall not be deemed affected.


Section VIII – Effective Date

This ordinance becomes effective upon passage and publication.


Passed this 16th day of June, 2021. 

_____________________________ ___________________________________

Martin Johnson Julia Reinert

Town Chairman Town Clerk

Amended: June 16, 2021

Adopted:  June 16, 2021 

Published: June 26, 2021

Effective: PENDING- placement of signage

Explanation of Winnebago County Referendum- 11/3/2020 Election

November 3, 2020 Election
Winnebago County Referendum Question and Explanation

Should the state legislature enact proposed legislation to support passage of an amendment
to the United States Constitution that seeks to reclaim democracy from the expansion of corporate
personhood rights and the corrupting influence of unlimited political contributions and spending?
(This is an advisory referendum only.)

Explanation of a “yes” or “no” vote:

An answer of YES to the referendum question indicates the voter believes there should
be a limit to political contributions and spending and the expansion of corporate
personhood rights.

An answer of NO to the referendum question indicates the voter believes there should
not be a limit to political contributions and spending and the expansion of corporate
personhood rights.

Please note that your vote on this question will not directly result in the passage or non-passage
of any ordinance or state statute. The purpose of the question is to advise your representatives
of the amount of support for and against limiting political contributions and spending and the
expansion of corporate personhood rights.

ATV Rules and Map

Click here to view ATV Ordinance




Routes open 6 am to 10 pm

35 MPH max or less if posted

Obey all road signs

Use hand signals for turning

Lights on at all times

Stay on right side of road single file

Stay on designated routes

Operators must be at least 16 years old

Must have a valid driver’s license

Helmets required under age 18

Must wear eye protection

Must have stock exhaust

Use seat belts in UTVs

O.W.I. penalty is the same as motor vehicles

Town of Poygan residents may use town roads to directly access marked routes