New Ordinance

At the April 16 Meeting of the Town Board two new ordinances were approved.

1.  Ordinance to Appoint Clerk to Board of Review.  Current State Statute shows the Board of Review is made up of the Town Board Supervisors & the Town Clerk.  However, if the Clerks position is appointed (rather than elected), the Clerk isn’t automtically appointed to the Board of Review.  One of the main reasons is the appointed clerk may live in another town and only electors of the town may be on the Board of Review.  The Statutes provide for the opportunity for the Town to appoint, the appointed clerk, to the Board of Review if they live/is an elector in the town via ordinance.  The approved ordinance accomplishes this.


2.  Ordinance for Wind & Solar Energy.  This ordinance adopts a permitting process and procedures for Solar & Wind Energy Facilities and Wind Turbines.  The definition of the types of systems subject to permitting are detailed in the ordinance.  The goal of this ordinance is to protect the health, safety and well-being of neighboring property owners and the general public.