Notice of Meeting- Winnebago County Emergency Management Meeting

Winnebago County Emergency Management Meeting Notice
Town of Poygan, Winnebago County, Wisconsin

Notice of a Special Town Board Meetings:
June 17, 2021, p.m – 7:00p.m or June 18, 2021@ 9a.m. – noon

Winnebago County Sheriff’s office
Rick Meyer Room
4311 Jackson St., Oshkosh, Wisconsin

The Town Board has been invited to attend a meeting of all local general purpose governments in the county to prepare and understand the role they play in supporting their community in the time of a disaster.. A quorum of the town board might be in attendance at this meeting; however, no action will be taken by the town board at this meeting.

Posted by Julia Reinert, Town Clerk of the Town of Poygan, the 25th day of May, 2021 at the town hall and the Town of Poygan website.